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About me 

I started singing in November 2010. Since then I became much better and now I have over 1000 subscribers.
I upload my covers on my YouTube channel and I mostly sing Touhou and VOCALOID, but also Anime songs.
I'm happy that I've met so many kind people in this time and I got some really special friends who share this hobby
with me <3 I'll continue singing to get even better than I am now.



- What is your mic?
T.Bone SC450 USB

- What is your mixing program?
Adobe Audition, I record with Magix Samplitude Silver 

- What is your drawing program?
Paint Tool SAI

- What is your video program?
Sony Vegas Pro 11 

- Can you sing [Insert song here]?
I take request but if I cover the suggested song depends on the song itself °^°

- Where does your Username come from?

I searched around everywhere and in one of my games I choosed the name Milkija.
I thought the name Milky out of it and I really liked it, to make it sound more japanese-like I used a -chan xD
And then I used some x's there as decoration O w O;